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Terms & Conditions

How can we offer our web-counters free of charge?

123-Counters.com offers its visitors a totally free service. This is how it works:

Within the 123-counters.com code that put into your website, we have added a link back to 123-Counters.com.

Through this link some users from your website will visits 123-Counters.com, generating word-of-mouth for our product and traffic to our partner sponsors.

This is how we cover our server and bandwidth bills each month, and earn a little profit, allowing us to keep on offering our visitor counters for free.

We ask that you do not modify the code generated via 123-Counters.com. By not removing our text ads, you contribute to keeping our service alive.

If you place our code in a frame on your website, please make sure the hyperlink back to 123-Counters.com works correctly. If 123-Counters.com is not easily reached once the hyperlink is clicked on, then we consider this a breach of our terms and conditions.

So please do remember to make sure that the link back to 123-Counters.com works. As explained above, our Terms & Conditions are super simple to adhere to and by breaching them you don’t support us and we will not be able to keep giving our counters out for free.

Furthermore our automatic crawling system will periodically check that the code you took from us is intact and that you link back to us. If this is not the case, we retain the right to disable your counter without prior notice, delete your account and ban you from using this service again in the future.

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